Barnett Wood Infant School



In the summer term the children swim in our own heated outdoor pool, we have qualified instructors and we pride ourselves that all children have water confidence and are able to swim by the time they leave the school. 

The children swim twice a week (30 min lessons) from mid-May to the end of the summer term which works out at approximately 18 swimming lessons throughout the term and depending on weather for a couple of weeks into the autumn term. We only ask you to contribute £50 (per child) which is less than £3.00 per lesson!
We are also hoping to provide some after school sessions for all year groups, and at the end of term the children will have a fun swim with their class.

We are hopeful that all our parents will contribute so that we can pay the teachers and continue to improve the wonderful facility available to our school community. In the last few years we have replaced the changing rooms roof, replaced the heat exchanger, installed under floor heating and we replaced the thermal pool cover.

See the link below for the contribution form