Barnett Wood Infant School

Home School Agreement

At Barnett Wood Infants, we are fortunate to have a supportive and friendly parent body. Our parents recognise that educating children is a process that involves partnership between parents, class teachers and the school community. As a partnership, our parents/carers  understand the importance of a good, working relationship to equip children with the necessary skills for adulthood. For these reasons, we welcome and encourage parents/carers to participate fully in the life of our school.


What is a Home/School Agreement?

A home-school agreement is a statement explaining our school's aims and values, its responsibilities towards its pupils, the responsibilities of parents and carers, and what’s expected of pupils.


Why is a Home/School Agreement being adopted?

Research has consistently shown that active parental interest makes a great deal of difference to how well children do at school. Parents can help more effectively if they know what the school is trying to achieve and what they can do to offer support. Home-school agreements provide a framework for the development of such a partnership. We believe that in order to improve and be the best school we can, it is important that we all work in partnership. With this in mind, we are providing this Home School Agreement for all families.


How do I confirm my acceptance of the Home/School Agreement?

Current parents will be sent a short form to indicate that they have read and agree to this home-school agreement. Moving forward, this agreement will be a part of our normal induction process. We ask parents to review the pupil section with their child, and discuss the importance of following our school rules and values.


Our Governing Body will carry out their legal responsibilities to the school and ensure that:

  • school policies provide care and safety for every pupil
  • the school strives to give the best education for every pupil
  • funding received by the school will be used efficiently to support learning
  • Governors will visit the school regularly and make it a priority to raise academic standards in the school
  • Governors meet regularly to carry out their functions