Barnett Wood Infant School

Parent Volunteers and Class Reps

As a school we welcome parent/carer helpers to come in to school and work with children. We currently have a number of parents and carers who volunteer to read with the children weekly. There are many ways in which you can help us in school:

  • Hearing children read – individually or in groups
  • Playing language or maths games
  • Painting and craft work
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Sewing
  • Accompanying classes on local walks eg to the church for Harvest Festival


If you are interested in volunteering in school please get in touch by completing the form below:


Parent Volunteer Registration Form 2023-24


 All volunteers will need a DBS check and an induction regarding safeguarding, fire and health & safety. 

Click the link below to access new Volunteer Code of Conduct for 2023-24:

Class Reps 


Being a class rep at Barnett Wood is a great way to get to know the parents and carers of the children in your class, it is also the link between the parents and the teachers and the 'Friends of Barnett Wood'. More hands really does makes light work, if each class has 3 or 4 reps then that would be brilliant. For more information, visit our 'Friends of Barnett Wood' page:

Friends of Barnett Wood | Barnett Wood Infant School (


Class Reps for 2022-23

Reception: Squirrels

Sarah Leonard

Kirsten Stanley, Vanessa Wookey, Elizabeth Warren, Davida O'Neale


Year 1: Rabbits

Corrinne Fraser, Hollie Cunningham

Lucy Chamberlain, Rachel Tylor, Ellie Watson


Year 2: Badgers

Michelle Sutcliffe, Jo Wildman

Laura Fidler, Andy Cosstick