Barnett Wood Infant School

Being a Class Rep

Being a class rep at Barnett Wood is a great way to get to know the parents and carers of the children in your class, it is also the link between the parents and the teachers and the 'Friends of Barnett Wood'. More hands really does makes light work, if each class has 3 or 4 reps then that would be brilliant.


But before you commit, below is what is involved.


Create and distribute the class contact list, A CLOSED Facebook page for each class has already been set up, class reps will be made 'admin' so that they can approve new members to the page, this should only be parents of the child in your class. It can be used as a way of catching up on what's going on, or if you need a quick answer to something that is happening that day – it has worked in other classes, but please also remember that not all parents are on FB and there for the email contact list should still be in place.


Each term we ask you to fill rotas for that term: (these are given to you at the beginning of each term)

- A help in class rota, parents and carers are given the opportunity to help in class either a morning or afternoon, which is a great help to our children and the teachers.

- In the summer term we ask you to organise a swim change rota where we need 4 parents/carers to help our children change for swimming (younger child are able to come along to this and can play on the field)

- The teachers will often ask the reps to help put a rota together for events that are happening in class or the autumn/spring walks


Organise a parents evening out, usually we try and get the parents together once a term as a get to know each other, if its easier you could try a coffee morning first.


Attend friends meetings throughout the year (we hold alternate meetings; one after drop off and the next in the evening). This is a great place to get to know what events are coming up and where you can help make decisions that effect the school. It's really important that at least 1 rep can attend each meeting and then feed back to the others and the parents, then help by organising rotas for fairs/event that will be happening (more information given at the time)


Arrange a Christmas/Leaving card & present for the teacher and teaching assistants (the teachers don't at all expect this but as parents we feel it is a nice thing to do - contribtions are voluntary).

Arrange a class cake sale (held after school), each class during the year is asked to run one cake sale. Parents of the class make/buy cakes to sell in the playground. (This wont be until the summer term for Reception class)


If you would like some more information on this role then please either grab me (I'm always around!) or email me on

Remember every Parent, Guardian or Carer is one of our Friends, please do get involved!

Friends of Barnett Wood Registered charity number 1054368