Barnett Wood Infant School



At Barnett Wood, we aim to ensure that our delivery of physical education allows all children to have the skills and mindset to be successful in their sporting challenges and active lifestyles throughout infant school and beyond.

We aim to provide an engaging and challenging curriculum, that allows everyone to enthusiastically take part and develop skills, whilst also providing opportunities for learners to exceed their own expectations.

We look to engender a healthy life-long love of physical activity, whilst giving the children the opportunity where they enjoy working hard together to achieve success both individually and as a team. We do this by developing the attitudes, skills and knowledge required to be a leader and provide memorable experiences throughout a student’s journey within Physical Education. High quality PE education allows pupils to understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle, whilst fostering excitement for physical activity and an accuracy in performing movements within sport and daily life.

All children receive two high-quality PE lessons a week, one of which is delivered by qualified and experienced coaches. The curriculum is carefully planned and balanced, with skills mapped out for the children throughout their infant school journey. These skills are built upon as children develop control over their motor skills, they can use these skills to enhance their learning in dance, gymnastics, athletics and games. As children progress through school, they explore a wider range of sports and learn greater control and precision of their skills.


The planning of the subjects is based upon the scheme Get Set and 4 PE, they are used to teach the cohesive PE curriculum. These schemes allow children to build upon the skills they learn week on week, to create sequences of movement and apply them in new contexts. Children across the board are challenged, this is done by ensuring previous taught skills are recapped to allow children to fully master them before moving forward. Individual challenges can then be set for children who quickly grasp a skill for. School clubs are offered surrounding the different sports and physical activities that are taught across the school, allowing children to follow any interests they show.


At the end of the year children across the whole school participate in a sports day, this allows parents to observe and share children's pride in their sporting achievements.


Children can develop skills they learn in PE in their lessons, during lunchtimes and in their own physical activity at home. Pupils engage in discussions about the importance of keeping their bodies healthy, key vocabulary related to the learning and answering questions about how they could adapt or change a movement. By the time children leave Barnett Wood, our core aim is to ensure that all children achieve the range of skills set out in the national curriculum.