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Advice on How to talk to your child about Ukraine

Over the last week or two, many of us will have been watching events in the news with a mixture of shock and horror. Even without a direct personal connection to the conflict, it's natural that seeing all the footage of the Russian invasion coming out of Ukraine, whether on the news or on social media, can be distressing. As parents and teachers, it is also natural to want to shield our children from all that bad things that are occurring in the world, and this surely is one of them. But we must also understand that it’s inevitable that our children may be exposed to the news, or hear others talking about it and may have concerns or worries that they want to discuss. No matter how calmly you manage the current environment, children are likely to be anxious. They may pick up bits of information from their friends, from the news and from listening to adults talking around them – but they can misunderstand what they’re hearing. It’s important to talk to them about what’s happening.


It can be particularly hard to know how to talk to young children about what’s going on. Whilst we have not directly spoken about it with the children at school, we have discussed as staff how we would deal with any questions or worries with reassurance and sensitivity. Support resources have been shared with staff in order to help the discussion around the conflict.

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